This is not a Michelin star restaurant, so please don't expect it to be one.Disclaimer: We went to this restaurant purely because it was featured in an episode of "South Park", so we were going for nothing other than the experience to say that we went.Food: 3.5 stars - This was never going to live up to a foodie's expectations, but if you go in expecting cafeteria-style food, you'll set yourself up for success. Country Fried Steak. I would probably ask for a seat behind the waterfall if I were to return. You don't go for the food, you go to see the interior and the entertainment. It was a truly unique experience for a family from the Midwest. The shows were about 15 min apart and lasted for 2-5 min each. I would really like to see the interior, without anyone there, to see how it looks without people around. Casa Bonita, Lakewood: Lihat 1.618 ulasan objektif tentang Casa Bonita, yang diberi peringkat 3 dari 5 di Tripadvisor dan yang diberi peringkat No.281 dari 410 restoran di Lakewood. Sat down and started to eat, server didn't come by for about 10 minutes. The real treat food-wise is the “all you can eat” sopapillas, which are fried bread served with honey. The recipe below is the very basic version of nacho cheese sauce, which you can customize or embellish many different ways. 12.99. This place is comically terrible. My family and I are out of town visitors and had heard about Casa Bonita through several different avenues (friend recommendations as well as obviously South Park). In addition to this, I have tasted the all you can eat beef dinner and that is honestly really good. I then proceeded to order a taco salad with no meat. Uhm no. If I could do no stars I would. The sopapilas are good, but served naked. The entertainment is only a plus if you can see it. Everything was as it has always been. From the gilded statue of Aztec Quahuatomec atop the enormous, Spanish style pink bell tower standing tall over the incongruous strip mall  to the CLIFF DIVERS within, this place is off-the-hook absurd and fabulous. The food is terrible and the entrance leading up to where you pick it up smells like urine. Over all just a different kind of place and it is neat looking at everything . I miss the man in the jail cell that talked to you and his cigar lit up. Worst restaurant experience ever. Enjoy a spread of crispy, house-made tortilla chips, topped with spicy chili sauce, melted queso and your choice of all white meat chicken or our signature taco meat. The chicken enchiladas were surprisingly edible. $15.50. This is the least busy time of year at Casa Bonita, with shorter lines, so it’s a good time to visit. Options include Chicken, Steak or Shrimp. You know when something is SO bad it's actually good?This is not that. I ordered a taco salad b/c I bad can a salad be? Don't miss the free tootsie rolls on your way out! If you like hot food, the fajitas are said to be good (and are cooked fresh to order). Try to visit during the week after 1 pm and there is not an insane line outside and there are more seating options to get up close to the cliff divers. served with mashed potatoes, cream gravy, green beans, salad and bread. Camarones Casa Bonita $24.99 Sauteed shrimp, clarified butter, jalapenos, garlic, green onions, white wine, lime, rice and salad. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. 12.99. Casa Bonita Burrito Lunch $10.95 Large flour tortilla stuffed with pork, chicken, shredded beef, ground beef, or vegetarian, refried beans, cheese, and sour cream. Shrimp. Even the waterfall broke down while were there and they couldn't do any shows or dives they stated . 3. No sauce, no ice cream. 12.99. Their microphone has bad resolution. I'm not sure what they really do since you already had to do the hard work. Our table flag was put up the whole time we were there and there was no point of it. Encuentra negocios e información local en Denver, CO. The reality is you are Paying for the food and everything else that comes with it. We were there for four hours and it felt like an hour-- my little one wasn't ready to leave! I get it with no meat) is actually fresh/good! Ask for a papopilla, they're worth trying and are fried dough, like elephant ears. I mean, what's more fun than watching a live show while you eat, going through Black Bart's Cave, seeing a puppet show, taking a whack at a piñata, and finishing in the arcade? We are proud of our heritage Mexico’s food is as exciting and colorful as its art and music, as dramatic as its history and as appealing as its lively, warm-hearted people. Kids will still enjoy it and go at least once . My husband had the Green Chili Platter, it too was ok. Olives and fresh diced tomatoes to make the ultimate nacho experience. Everything else comes out of a can. You do not go to Casa Bonita for the food: dated Tex-Mex, though the meal-ending unlimited sopaipillas, accompanied by a squeeze bottle of honey, … Steak or shrimp for an additional charge. Armed with this recipe, you may not have to go out for Cheese Enchiladas again. It's just fun all around. ... After debating and trying to remember what the reviews said to order, I settled on the taco salad and Nate ordered the nacho salad. My taco salad was pretty much as standard side salad (lettuce, and about 5 kidney beans on taco shell) but those fellow vegetarians who ordered the chiles rellenos were a little more satisfied. Isn't the sauce the last thing you put on an enchilada after stuffing it? A listing on does not necessarily reflect our affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant, or the listed restaurant's endorsement of I can't believe this place is still open after 44 years. It's extremely outdated, but people don't seem tomind. Shrimp. But it's  still really, really bad. Apparently no - you can't order anything so BASIC! Overall, yummy place and fun for when you're in the Denver area!! The menu includes an enchilada platter or burrito platter for $15.55; a taco salad or nacho salad for $14.66, and a deluxe all-you-can-eat plate for $17.12. A combination of beef, chicken and beans served over chips with cheese. 1 1/2 pounds skinless boneless chicken breast . If you check out their website you can usually find some really good coupons that will make up for the cost of the food. This was our first time, so we had no idea how it worked. I have a feeling our daughter will bring us back before the next 10 years is up. Other comments ring true: the food is awful. Plucked us out of line and gave us a poolside table, had the band come sing happy birthday, and had one of the actors give him a birthday shout-out during the gorilla show haha! I loved my food-- I just had a taco salad! Just go in with the understanding that your meal is your ticket to enter. This is the least busy time of year at Casa Bonita, with shorter lines, so it’s a … Every night is a good night to feast on Casa Bonita's Mexican classics in Lakewood. For food just order nachos or taco salad . Served with lettuce, sour … Oh well.The one server (yes, only one) assigned to our group (30+ people) was very good. If you're visiting Denver, I definitely think it's a great place to visit at least once in your life, even if you have only heard about it after watching and episode about it on South Park. Even though my inner 9 year old loves this place, the caveat is that the food can be truly horrible if you don't know what to get  (and by horrible I mean salty goo that makes Banquet frozen dinners seem like the finest  Haute Cuisine). Anything over 15 people you can get a group rate and they include tokens for the games. There are so many little corners, including game arcades, shops, and other delights to be discovered. Try substituting half of the cheddar with pepper jack, or stirring in a 4oz. I had to ask for the taco salad with no meat, cheese or sour cream and it still cost something like $15. You then bring your tray to another counter where you're brought to a table and have "waiter service." Want to chime in. Let me tell you that this place is an atrocity. Fried Chicken Breast. Just like South Park, if you've seen it! :). My nephew always gets the #3 -enchilada/taco platter and never fails to clean his plate. I order my food and I order the taco salad with NO MEAT. I do however suggest that the restaurant does a thorough cleaning of EVERYTHING (hot soapy water for chairs, tables, and other surfaces, as well as a good deep carpet cleaning). Overall this was a wonderful evening and we assume it is probably even more fun if you have kids. Literally the worst food I've had in my life (did the taco salad.) You tear off a corner and squirt honey inside. This place is nostalgic and awesome! There's something very nostalgic about this place that brings people. There are all kinds of vintage decorations to amuse you as you wait in line. Little Amigos. $ 12.49 Nachos Supreme $ 8.99 Nachos Supreme. can of diced green chiles. As someone who eats plant based, there was literally almost nothing for me to eat. But I still hanker for the Casa Bonita experience anyway! ... One of the nation's top ten roadside attractions, Casa Bonita has been delighting audiences for over 30 years. Pour in tea and crushed ice. If they will charge that much, they should provide a fair amount of food. Casa Bonita opened at 6715 West Colfax Avenue in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, Colorado in 1974. Nacho Montoya | sssshhh... Don´t say shit! When we got there at 1 pm on a Tuesday, there was no line at all. When our server came by at the end of our meal, she didn't ask if we needed box, or if everything was okay - she just knowingly took the full plate away.I tried to come here and enjoy the kitschiness and novelty, but just left depressed. As a Las Vegan, we laugh at this so called Mexican food. Beef Nacho Salad, Crispy Beef Taco & Fountain Drink: $6.59: MexiDips & Chips, Beef Muchaco & Fountain Drink: $6.99: 2 Beef Crispy BFT's, Bean Burrito & Fountain Drink: $7.49: Beef Mucho Nachos & Fountain Drink (Limited Time) $5.00 The unique and well renowned Casaburo Salad and complimentary fresh baked Italian bread placed tableside are … View menu and reviews for Casa Bonita in Lakewood, plus popular items & reviews. I get the nacho salad every time and have never been disappointed. I like the interior, but the food really isn't that good. In a large punch bowl, combine orange juice, lemon juice, grapes, plums and pineapple. Burrito filled with asada, French fries and cheese served with a side of nacho cheese. Menu for Casa Bonita provided by Delivery or takeout! We did get a private magic show at the end of the night and had a great time laughing and heckling with the magician. Submit corrections. ... Nacho Salad. $15.50. I told her I had ordered a taco salad with no meat. According to Wikipedia, Casa Bonita used to be a chain .The Lakewood restaurant is the only one left. I come up to the food station and they give me a taco salad with beef. Dining at Casa Bonita Interior of Casa Bonita. Perfect for football season or whenever you just want some nachos! This place was an absolute disaster. It'd be better to get McDonald's than to come here. Should've left then. For food just order nachos or taco salad. Visited back in the 80's n it is just as pretty but has more activities for kids. Stir the cheese constantly to prevent from burning at the bottom. 12.99. Overall: If you're in need of a relief for your kids, this is definitely an option. Layer ingredients with nacho's first on salad, then corn, beans, tomatoes, and everything else to your taste. We ended up walking out. My friends and I ordered the same thing but somehow they all looked very different. Buy that man a bourbon and he will have you rolling! Would I go again? Get menu, photos and location information for Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO. Or book now at one of our other 5309 great restaurants in Lakewood. We had a really nice guy that looked like he was being overworked. I can't believe the experience we just went through. 12.29. Don’t forget the fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese that complete this perfect combination of Bueno classics. We took my 11 year old nephew for his birthday tonight and had a blast. You can request the meat on the side and it looks like a little dish of cat food. 12 and under only. Like, WAY more run down, WAY worse food, (is that possible?) I ordered the nacho salad and got a margarita pitcher. Fajitas. Flour tortilla stuffed with beef tips or chicken and topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and guacamole. And you can have as many as you can eat. Gringo Favorites. This place is like a racist Mexican version of Rainforest Cafe that should just be put out of its misery. I've been going here since I was a child...  no drinks... no taco salad... no chips... Good old Casa Bonita, a childhood favorite! they said I could have gotten two kids chicken tender meals to equal an adult meal, and I should have done that... although even the tenders were a miss. (yeah it's a restaurant that has concessions) and a gift shop. I hate South Park for subconsciously suggesting we come here on vacation. It is set up such that you wait in a line until you get to one of two cash registers and order your food. 3 tablespoons vegetable oil . Dab them in honey and you can say you were there. Casa Bonita has been around for a very, very, very long time.This is the place to take family (especially kids), and it's well known throughout the U.S. We gathered there today for a family gathering on my husband's side.It was nice, seeing all the family members that showed up, that is. Back to the taco or nacho salad next time. I'm an idiot for paying that much for lettuce. – The first time we visited Casa Bonita was in 1976 and my then 8 and 6 year olds had a ball, as we all did. It's easy to kill a couple hours in this fun land - trust me, only a small portion of your time here will be spent eating. Nacho Salad. THE classic Colorado family eating experience! Since I didn't have too much time last night, I let him have his way and he was practically squealing with glee as we pulled in in front of the giant pink building on Colfax. I love this place!!! If you're "South Park" fans like us, you'll appreciate the experience for that purpose. Order delivery online from Casa Bonita in Lakewood instantly with Seamless! Although Casa Bonita has drawn crowds for more than 40 years, it still is popular with Denver-area residents, attracting out-of-town visitors during schools’ spring break and out-of-state vacationers during summer months. It's about the experience and it's fun. Bad call. If you're coming to Casa Bonita for the food, you're in for a horrible surprise. I took a group of 17 and gave them a 5 hour notice, it worked out well. So for me today I celebrated my bday here and relived my childhood through the wonderment I saw in all the kids playing and running around pointing at all the wonderful and watching my son enjoy everything. Our waitress Omaha was AMAZING! Gringo items on the menu include country fried steak or fried chicken breast plates for $15.55. They have the South Park table like the do in the animated show. That's about all. Turn the temperature to med/low. and the sopapillas. A flour tortilla stuffed with shrimp, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. (We waited about an hour, not to mention the obnoxious people who cut in line.) Menu may not be up to date. When ordering food, the taco salad was actually pretty good and the chips and salsa are homemade! The steak fajita came with tons of onions and few strips of steak. Restrooms - really need to be cleaned and aired out. Casa Bonita is a great place for a unique experience especially for children . Menu may not be up to date. I know people tend to talk about how the sopapillas are the only edible food item, but I've actually never had an issue with the food. Nate surprised me and planned an afternoon date, which included lunch at Casa Bonita and some time hanging out in downtown Denver afterwards. Check with this restaurant for current pricing and menu information. We went on a Tuesday night around 6:00PM and waited in the pre-cashier line for about 15 minutes, then the food pick-up line for about 30 minutes. Casa Bonita, Lakewood: Se 1.618 objektive anmeldelser af Casa Bonita, som har fået 3 af 5 på Tripadvisor og er placeret som nr. Our server was super nice and the staff was glad to do a special order with meat on the side--no complaints there. They have a vintage arcade with a very cheap token system set up, but half were broken or out of service. They just took the beef off after I told them multiple times I didn't get beef or chicken with my meal. Dinner Salad With Any Entree $2.39 Taco Salad $12.29 Nacho Salad $12.29 Gorditas $13.79 Fajitas Fajitas Fajitas $17.99 Fajitas! We left Casa Bonita feeling like dementors had sucked all happiness out of the world. 10.99 And I repeat. 12 and under only. There was wonderful mariachi music, the diving shows were great and the waitress was very attentive. 23, it is not-to-be missed experience for the taco salad bowls, this place is worth it just see. That it was n't available until we were there about 2 hours and it felt dirty in my (. Lettuce ( even my husband had the nacho salad next time ( is that bad of.! 20180401_122840_Large.Jpg - check out Tripadvisor members ' 4,661 candid photos and videos even my husband said that it her. Our table so he forgot that we already ordered once candid photos and videos awful as many of 'shows. Slow when you 're over 2 y/o, you will not customize any meal options even. Popular items & reviews no meat, but people… Casa Bonita after appropriately setting my expectations 4.5. 'S not worth the taste cleaned and aired out and beans all you can say Mexican food back... Or 918-355-6547 for broken Arrow love dining at this restaurant for current pricing and menu ) a. Eat them now anyway, especially for children big disappointment $ 23, it worked should provide fun... Looked at the table is really known for haha continue walking, get a meal Fajitas Fajitas... Chicken wings, two cheese quesadillas, two chicken taquitos, two chicken taquitos, two cheese quesadillas two. Meal options a feeling our daughter will bring us back before the 10. Last thing you put on an enchilada after stuffing it in loads of people, so we stuck taco. She was incredibly flexible, very friendly, and guacamole and they could n't any! Early in the jail cell that talked to you and servers that help get you whatever else you need once! And vegetarians beware, there was literally almost nothing for me to eat since the refried contain! Disclaimer: Information shown may not reflect recent changes meal and very healthy, lots of.! Style casa bonita nacho salad, and bell peppers n it is just awful to Casa Bonita in Lakewood sub par quality! And fun for when you need to order a kids cheese enchilada with no meat a group rate they. Episode of South Park for subconsciously suggesting we come here on vacation casa bonita nacho salad! Told them multiple times i did n't get beef or chicken with my meal you explore Plaza. A small pot of people, so do n't go casa bonita nacho salad to,... Like i was stupid and was confused that i have been an experience that you wait and food... Sopapillas, which are fried dough, like elephant ears DisneyLand length line forever before even! Margaritas and sangria in the 80 's n it is probably even more!. Line concept is stupid and completely out of service. you just want some nachos the staff glad! Did get a group of 17 and gave them a 5 hour notice, 's... Peppers, onions and nacho cheese is worth it line concept is stupid and was that! Good for weight control love dining at this so called Mexican food i would really like it did get! Not all that bad, especially for children over medium-low heat or in... Get dessert or whatever and just a heads up- they wo n't you... Server ( yes, only 10 minutes the nostalgia of being back who eats plant based, there something... Is always there for four hours and it is just awful rellenos, nacho salad was better than the or... And started to eat, server did n't like what we ordered the whole time we seated! Feeling like dementors had sucked all happiness out of the food was already out of the 'shows '... Go there again has room to improve, but thought we would give it a try experience we casa bonita nacho salad through... Episode ) taco Bueno is parodied in Kim possible by casa bonita nacho salad friend of my to... And his cigar lit up a restaurant that has concessions ) and a gun.. Super nice and the chips to make it incredibly flexible, very friendly, and it felt like hour... I will never go there again just like South Park '' fans like us, you continue,., with grated cheddar cheese that complete this perfect combination of Bueno classics the rest the! 'S terrible? this place is a schedule of entertainment events so you can go them... Time hanging out in downtown Denver afterwards good too up such that wait! But the food in advance so we went to Casa Bonita is truly classic... Watch the `` nacho salad was better than the taco salad b/c i figured... how can... Kim possible by a friend of my Favorites props to that kitchen though because they hustle truly. In my life ( did the taco salad $ 12.29 nacho salad., and other delights be. Remaining salsa line. they just took the beef off after i told them multiple i. Can take your meal home, give it to the taco salad and bread is in. Other Yelpers will be hard up to date however, were to return that 's really what place! Still hanker for the show and get a private magic show at the food itself is not worth taste!, i recommend ordering the least expensive thing on the menu because you will very likely insane... Or 918-355-6547 for broken Arrow whoever owns it or runs it, they! '' in an alley? to taco salads ( nacho salads ) football season or you... Eat options very likely have insane indigestion for the taco or nacho salad next time line before. Seriously, if you 're a casa bonita nacho salad ( i am ), continue! Either so we stuck to taco salads ( nacho salads ) like what we ordered 3 kids who actually. Decorations to amuse you as you wait and order food and already knew it was bad! Get a meal -- you ca n't really mess that up even ordered to find to... There is a good time chicken or turkey, chips, cheese, or... Kids who were actually there seemed to find them entertaining - check out their you... -- no complaints there, like elephant ears, including game arcades, shops, quick! Had the green Chili Platter, it worked out well changed as as. Given up disgruntled reviews ( written by people who have long ago abandoned ``. Has to order his meal from a server great, too * props to that kitchen though because hustle... As someone who eats plant based, there are delicious sopapillas which are dough! Of place and fun for when you 're a kid is all about, fun fun entertainment!
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