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It has carved outer facing lion heads on the front top. Attended by nearly a quarter of the nations population, the Company could not have chosen a better time and location to show of its wares. The Wakefield Rattan Company Inc. was capitalized with $1,000,000, with Cyrus Wakefield himself being the principle owner of the great majority of the 1000 shares of outstanding stock. Fortunately, Wakefield perceived the passing fashion of hoop skirts and was well prepared to turn his attention to the manufacture of carpets and furniture. Antique Heywood Brothers Wakefield Victorian Wicker Settee VGC Ornate 1880-90's Here is a wonderful piece from the late 1800's by the Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. publications in In 1875, in the middle of the worst depression in history, the Rattan Company began to prepare for the recovery by opening new retail outlets in New York City. Institute of Museum and Library Services In 1851, he established his home on land now occupied by the Galvin Junior High School and the Americal Civic Center. In 1897, the firm consolidated with its affiliate, the Heywood & Morrill Rattan Co. and its chief competitor, the Wakefield Rattan Co. to form Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Co. When Joseph Thomas died in 1891, Temple R. Fay, a member of the Board of Directors succeeded to the Company presidency. About this product. Add To Cart. Antique Heywood Wakefield Signed Wicker Accent Oc. Its older products are considered collectibles[1][2][3] and have been featured on Antiques Roadshow. The five Heywood brothers began making chairs in 1826 and the company was formally introduced as B.F. Heywood & Co. in 1835. Heywood Wakefield China Hutch Buffet Bubble Crown Glass M1547 on M1544 $1,995 . Heywood Bros. & Co., manufacturers of chairs, rattan and reed furniture, chair cane and baby carriages by Heywood Bros. & Co ( Book ) 1 edition published in 1886 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide by Heywood Bros. & Co ( ) in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Heywood-Wakefield introduced many innovations to the world of chair making, such as in the 1860s when painted landscapes and baskets of fruit and flowers were adorned to their chair backings. Trade catalogs from Heywood Bros. and Wakefield Co. Eagle stamp that has Heywood Wakefield. Cyrus Wakefield had a second major success also around this time when he succeeded in buying up the complete supply of rattan in New York. Is there another option for getting more information on my chair? By the mid-1970s, the multistory plant on Central Street became a financial burden and was sold in the spring of 1978 to Gardner Industries Corp. A number of smaller operations moved into the complex, while casket manufacturer Wood-Tek occupied the north side. As early as 1876, a warehouse in New York City was in operation, located on the present site of the Woolworth Building. It has been stored in a basement uncovered for over 4 decades and is VERY dirty with some patches of mold. Like rattan, reed can be bent and shaped by hand. The following year, at the annual meeting of 1889, the Board of Directors elected Mr. Lang treasurer. line of gocarts and carriages ; doll gocarts and marriages : catalog no. Please leave me a comment. 1826) and Wakefield Company (est. Heywood also makes an important contribution to scholarship arguing persuasively for a re-structuring of the chapter and section breaks. This figure grew to over $349,000 by 1885 and to $385,000 by 1890. In 1831, Levi moved to Boston, Ma. Mar 11, . Just nine days before his death, however, Wakefield, on October 17, 1873, incorporated his rattan business only, under the name Wakefield Rattan Company. . Mike Richard Special for The Gardner News. you have an Antique Maple Rocking Chair with Bentwood Arms. In 1873, the country and the Wakefield Rattan Company underwent two severe shocks: the economic depression which started in 1872 and the sudden death of Cyrus Wakefield. Although no other information on these items is provided, based on early catalog information brought to light by Adamson in American Wicker, both chairs appear to be of very early design, and are quite possibly copied from the product line of J. and C. Berrian and Company of New York City. . Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mike Richard at mikerichard0725@gmail.com or in writing to Mike Richard, 92 Boardley Road, Sandwich, MA 02563. Since rattan was an exceedingly light commodity, however, he needed other cargo to provide ballast to stabilize the ship during its voyage. Heywood Wakefield Wicker Chair (1 - 36 of 36 results) Price ($) Shipping Home Decor Antique Heywood Wakefield Victorian Wicker Rocking Arm Chair Rattan Seat 1900s SchearBrothers (818) $1,020.00 $1,200.00 (15% off) FREE shipping Vintage Child's Antique Green Wicker Patio Chair Heywood Wakefield ClassicOldies29 (707) $120.00 The coast-to-coast expansion of the corporation was completed shortly thereafter when both a factory and retail store were opened in San Francisco. ), Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company : makers of reed and rattan furniture, Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co., Locust Realty Co., 244-254 [S. 5th St.], Philadelphia, Pa, ( Heywood Wakefield started off as two separate companies. Click below to begin your paid subscription. you read and agreed to the. Research material, history, geography. This has been confirmed by the discovery of a rare, pocket-sized 22 page Wakefield Rattan Company price list in the Heywood-Wakefield Company collection of the Levi Heywood Memorial Library in Gardner, Massachusetts. What sort of collectibles did Hubley Manufacturing Company produce? Heywood Brothers & Wakefield $70 (prc > prescott) bild 74.3mi dlj den hr annonsen terstll terstll den hr annonsen ^ verst ^ verst. Reconstruction took place immediately. The daughter of Henry Bancroft, a former sea captain, Elizas family was active in the China trade. Mar 11, 2023 Antique Arts & Crafts Stickley Brothers Mission Oak Book Stand c1910 $100. Historic Street Address: 244-254 South 5th Street Media Type: Albumen Prints Source: Print and Picture Collection Notes: Gift of . antique hutch. Dr. Jeremy Adamsons book, American Wicker, Woven Furniture from 1850 to 1930, documents the history of wicker and rattan furniture, and provides the following definition of rattan and its by-products: Rattan is the stem or trunk of a climbing palm, genus Calamus, which grows in Malaya, India, China and other south Asian countries. Heywood-Wakefield furniture is an American brand founded in 1897. ), ( The Heywood-Wakefield Company is known primarily for the MCM streamline designs, but the company has been an innovator in several other realms as well. The work provided valuable insight into how to mine bibliographic Find the Value of your Heywood-Wakefield Furniture. To the town of Wakefield, this meant the loss of hundreds of manufacturing jobs, some of which were moved with equipment to the Companys main facilities in Gardner. In addition to baskets and mats, the 1860 production of the Wakefield Rattan Company produced 1,328,00 skirt hoops. C. $455 42% Off $790. HEYWOOD BROTHERS AND WAKEFIELD COMPANY. Heywood-Wakefield introduced many innovations to the world of chair making, such as in the 1860s when painted landscapes and baskets of fruit and flowers were adorned to their chair backings. Here is the link. Items in the Price Guide are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members research needs. The resulting depression, known as the Panic of 73 was the most severe the country had experienced. Additional Title: Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company, Furniture. library holdings. Theresa1, 1 year ago Thanks for that info! Magazines for crafts Purl1VintageToo $7.00 The Tarot of Plants guide What company was founded in NY in 1952 as a museum reproduction company and https://www.myantiquefurniturecollection.com/. His efforts to penetrate the British market were so successful that the Liverpool Board of Trade petitioned Parliament to institute a high tariff against the Rattan Companys woodenware products. . . I think it is early 1900s. In 1841, he married Eliza Bancroft of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co. chair identification, By entering this site you declare In 1897; these companies merged, thus forming Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company. The depression was the result of enormous levels of corporate and private debt and large imbalances in international trade. Complete reproduction of rare 1897 premiere issue of most famous wicker company catalog; probably finest primary source. 310 Production increased and warehouses were opened in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and San Francisco in the late 1870s and 1880s. The furniture-making side of the business, however, seems to have continued to be essentially a labor intensive effort save the occasional use of machine-made cane seating. A photograph in the collection of the Levi Heywood Memorial Library shows cane being split in the 1920s, a process that still required much manual labor. (Winterthur Library). If you need to request an image for publication or other use, please visit Rights and Reproductions. More important, the Census Records show that Wakefield had surpassed the Emerson Shoe Factory as the firm with the largest capital investment in South Reading. I have a heywood wakefield rocking chair with a paper stamp with 929-6 chic How old is my chair, why does it have casters/rollers on front legs? chair that is too old to be in the Heywood Wakefield Modern Furniture Identification and Value Guide book . The Wakefield Rattan Company eventually proved the victor in this competition when it bought out the American Rattan Company in 1875, closed it down within a few years, and moved its equipment to Wakefield. In time, the factory expanded with the development of the flatiron building on the right-hand side of Central Street, as well as two buildings on Central and Pine streets. Fortunately, the exhibition and its curator, Dr. Jeremy Adamson, produced a catalog and text of very high quality, American Wicker, Woven Furniture from 1850 to 1930, (Rizzoli, New York, 1993). President Richard N. Greenwood noted it would be impossible for the plant to continue operations under the terms of that new vote and announced on Jan. 13, 1961, that Heywood-Wakefield would close. 16" wide x 22" deep x 38" tall. Vintage Spotlight: Heywood-Wakefield Furniture is Iconic, Yet Still Surprisingly Affordable. Likely published in the 1900s - 1910s.Commonly called opera chairs since the 1800s, these iron castings and. For a number of years, the firm had Boston offices at 82 to 98 Canal Street and 173 to 177 Friend Street and a retail establishment at 115 Washington Street. A Royal Hobby: Collecting King Charles Memorabilia, More Than Meets the Eye: Antique Furniture Surprises, Danish Modern and Beyond: Scandinavian Inspired Furniture from Heywood-Wakefield, Antique Wicker: From the Heywood-Wakefield Catalog. works in And if you were seeking furnishings to outfit your infants nursery, you would look no further than Gem Crib and Cradle Co. or Thayers. As wicker began to decline in popularity, the company expanded its production of wooden furniture in the Art Deco and Modern styles. It is now clear that had the Company not been incorporated, it would no doubt have been liquidated to pay Cyrus Wakefields considerable personal debts, a situation made doubly bad by the fact that Wakefield died without a will. At some point after he started rattan manufacturing in South Reading, Cyrus Wakefield also got into woodenware. Since neither Cyrus Wakefield nor the Wakefield Rattan Company were known to have had manufacturing facilities outside of South Reading, it is assumed that these household products were also made on the grounds of the Rattan Company. However, that was not all that helped keep the Gardner workforce alive. One such company was the Boston and Maine Foundry, established in 1855 on the east side of what is still called Foundry Street. Larger or more expensive items can generally be placed on consignment in many collector and antique shops and galleries as well as in multi-vendor shops. The furniture the company is best known for today are the pieces made from 1935 through 1966 in the "Streamline Style." Raised in Reading and employed by Cyrus Wakefield since 1872, Lang was, by the 1890s, a national figure in the furniture and rattan business. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Heywood-Wakefield furniture is an American brand founded in 1897. New and used Heywood Wakefield Furniture for sale in Murphy, Oregon on Facebook Marketplace. View more in our Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Price Guide. Shop a collection of Heywood-Wakefield furniture from some of the world's top sellers on 1stDibs. A modest 24-horse power steam engine supplemented the water power of the mill ponds. From that day forward, his was the guiding hand in the affairs of the Wakefield Rattan Company. $850. Mar 11, 2023 Antique Arts & Crafts Stickley Brothers Mission Oak Book Stand c1910 $100. As OCLC continues to build out the WorldCat Entities ecosystem, please use it as a source for persistent Person So using . Title: Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company, Furniture. At that time, Lloyd and other manufacturers were experimenting with materials as diverse as prairie grass and paper. The OCLC Research WorldCat Identities project is ending. Sensing another business opportunity, Wakefield turned to his family for support. Four hours of searching and I see nothing even remotely similar to this chair. The vertical side supports for the back of the piece have a triple"Birdcage" design. Company Name: Heywood Bros. and Wakefield Co. Related companies: Heywood, Bros. & Co. (Gardner, MA / Baltimore, MD) ; Walter Heywood Chair Mfg. Determining the Value of a Heywood Wakefield Chair. The Association of American Railroads' Mechanical Division and Heywood-Wakefield became involved in the quest for more luxurious seat design. The Gardner, Massachusetts public library, the Levi Heywood Memorial Library, has in its Heywood Wakefield Company collection a fascinating leather bound three-ring binder containing approximately 100 pages of precisely handwritten company data analyzing and comparing all locations, departments and production records of the company in matrix chart format. The favorable purchase led to others until business improved to the point where (in 1844) Cyrus Wakefield dissolved the grocery partnership with his brother, and opened an office at the corner of Commercial and Cross Streets in Boston. It is likely that this office was opened well before 1844, and was in fact the start-up location of what would eventually become the Wakefield Rattan Company. I have 4 Heywood Wakefield chairs. A majority of American railroads declared bankruptcy, more than two thirds of our iron mills closed by 1877, and more than 18,000 businesses failed. He continued this activity even after he had established himself in the grocery business. [11], Last edited on 30 November 2021, at 22:31, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Heywood-Wakefield_Company&oldid=1058005542, This page was last edited on 30 November 2021, at 22:31. to open a store to sell chairs. Their product line included strollers, baby carriages, settees, side chairs, armchairs, rockers, pedestals, fern stands, and tables. A great example from the late more. These two companies merged in 1897 as Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company; the name was changed again in 1921 to the now familiar name Heywood-Wakefield. By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare Little by little, the buildings where these manufacturing concerns were located have been removed from the scene. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Antique Heywood Wakefield Wicker Sewing Stand at the best online prices at eBay! One can only imagine the feeling of some of the elders of the community who, on a daily trek through the city, may pass by their former place of work and wonder where it has all gone. As sole owner of the business, Wakefield had no personal protection in an economic situation which had been rapidly deteriorating since the stock market crash a month earlier on September 19. 1855) merged to create Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company; the name would be shortened to Heywood-Wakefield in 1921. This firm later became the Smith and Anthony stove works. chicago academy of fine arts. However, the winter of 1979 took its toll on the company when more than $800,000 was spent on heating oil for the building. Identify your Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Marks. Heywood-Wakefield is a legacy home furnishings company specializing in mid-century modern solid wood furniture and area rugs. (Winterthur Library). Losses of $190,000 were fully covered by insurance. [10], Long-haul bus companies began focusing on passenger comfort in the 1920s. If you are ready to order any item, please simply call our office on (978) 297-1048 with your order and credit card information.Many thanks. WorldCat record id: 86134510, Permalink: http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w71f2z. There can be little doubt that since Cyrus 2nd knew the intricacies of the East Indies or Straits Goods business, his presence was badly needed in settling his uncles estate. Rogers, Sex and Race . For all intents and purposes, it would signal the beginning of the end. a scholar member and an all time top contributor at Artifact Collectors. It maintained offices and salesroom in Boston from its earliest days, and the old Wakefield Rattan Building, fronting on Canal and Friend Streets, was for years a landmark in the city. Dover Publications, 1982. you read and agreed to the. Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company label. This is an undated Opera Chair Price list. Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company, Chicago, Oak High Chair. with Walter making chairs and Levi and Benjamin selling them at a country store. An emergency meeting was held by the union members in Perry Auditorium at City Hall and the 10 percent wage cut was eventually accepted by a union vote of 357 in favor to 206 opposed. At the time of Wakefields purchase, the property consisted of two ponds, one on either side of Water Street, a few small buildings which had been used for manufacturing, and the old Green family home. Our collection database is a work in progress. antique flag. Heywood Bros & Wakefield Company - swivel chair. Between the years 1870 to 1897, a rapid expansion took place and chairs and furniture of reed and rattan were added to the regular line of wooden chairs. (Art Institute of Chicago), undated and 1951 (2 letters) Kulkarni, Ashok, 1968 (1 letter): from Breuer Keith R. Kunhardt Associates, Inc., 1966 (1 letter) Indeed, Adamson reports that Stimsons Boston Directory of 1843 lists Cyrus Wakefield for the first time at a new address, 15 Commercial Street working as a Commission Merchant. The growth and prosperity of the Wakefield Rattan Company was in part due to the Companys participation in the 1876 Centennial Exhibition held at Philadelphias Fairmount Park. Since then, the buildings have been part of various industrial parks, housing many small tenants. Up for your consideration today is a pair of Antique solid wood dining/ office/ school/ chairs. Furniture & Furnishings Visual Just as Cyrus Wakefield had sought a solution to expensive hand-splitting of rattan, others were now seeking ways to avoid having to import rattan at all. How much is your Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Worth? We may update this record based on further research and review. The early wicker pieces are often unmarked, identification made by attribution or comparison to company catalogs. The Streamline Maple line was renamed Streamline Modern in 1937. Site is running on IP address, host name (Mountain View United States) ping response time 6ms Excellent ping. So what do you think? In 1831, Levi moved to Boston, Ma. The third and final phase of the renovation took place with the opening of the Heywood Wakefield Commons Assisted Living Residence. Interested in Heywood Wakefield furniture. Free shipping for many products! Mar 11, 2023 Mid-Century Modern Heywood Wakefield Prophecy Dresser with Mirror, Fawn c1950 $300. It has carved outer facing lion heads on the front top. Collector Books, 1994. Soon a second Illinois plant was started, this one 56 miles south of Chicago in the town of Kankakee. Thorn Co. Schiffer Publishing, 2005. 8, 1912-1913 Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company [catalog], William F. Crowley photographic collection of fences, ( Mar 11, 2023 Mid-Century Modern Heywood Wakefield Prophecy Dresser with Mirror, Fawn c1950 $300. Heywood-Wakefield purchased the patented loom in 1920. If you have any questions concerning the item[s] listed in this auction, please email, or call us at: 319-331-1949, between 9 AM and 8 PM, any day, [Iowa time]. In the 1830s, the brothers formalized their partnership under the direction of Levi. Follow this Artist. From the description of Records, 1851-1853, 1881. A major fire in 1972 destroyed all but three buildings of the original complex. The companys other plant in Menominee, Michigan, that produced commercial furniture such as auditorium chairs and school furniture, remained in operation until about 1981 when they declared bankruptcy. We have chairs from Heywood Wakefield. Older products by Heywood Wakefield are considered to be valuable collectibles. They designed seats for long haul bus and rail companies. In other cases, new businesses and industries have replaced the old in the same spots. Innovative products that the company went on to manufacture included cane and wood seat chairs, baby carriages, theater chairs, railway car seats, school furniture, reed and fibre furniture, and toy vehicles. Need fixing and refinishing. Its older products are considered collectibles [1] [2] [3] and have been featured on Antiques Roadshow. Most widely held works by Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company Classic wicker furniture : the complete 1898-1899 illustrated catalog by Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company ( ) 4 editions published in 1982 in English and German and held by 12 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Founded specifically to carry on the trade of buying and reselling the rattan lots discarded on Boston docks by visiting cargo ships, the Wakefield Rattan Company prospered by satisfying an increasing demand for rattan among local furniture makers. In 1897, the Heywood Co. consolidated with the Wakefield Rattan Co. and the Heywood and Morrill Rattan Co., which was located in Wakefield, Mass., and it was incorporated as the Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co. Beginning in the 1920s through the early Depression era of the 1930s, the expansion of Heywood-Wakefield Co. reached its peak in production and personnel. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. As a result, more markets became accessible to the Heywood Bros. Co. Around 1874, the firm began to manufacture chairs and other furniture of reed and rattan. Pieces made before the company merger of Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company in 1897 were labeled Heywood Brothers. The company used a variety of paper tags on their Streamline Maple line introduced in 1935, but few survive intact due to wear. At the death of Cyrus Wakefield, his nephew, Cyrus Wakefield 2nd, was called home from Singapore to assume the responsibilities of managing the company. The building occupies a plot 100 by 200, extending through from West 34th street to West 33rd street, the twelve stories and basement being occupied entirely by the Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co., a branch of which is located in Chicago. . Co. (New York, NY) ; Heywood-Wakefield Co. ; see also Heywood-Wakefield Co. (cataloged section) ; Walter Heywood Chair Co. (cataloged section) Notes content: Eight envelopes OVERSIZE. With a view to the future, Cyrus Wakefield began buying property in the center of nearby South Reading, the present day Wakefield. At that time, the American Rattan Company of Fitchburg, Massachusetts was the only company using machinery to split rattan products. Yes, its my first time to see one as well. The company produced wicker and rattan furnishings in all the popular styles of the late Victorian period through the 1930s, such as Aesthetic, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco. Residents And Apartment Type Casement Catalog RC4 (1928), Tile-Tex Company Enduring Beauty In Floors (ca. By the mid- to late 1800s, several hundred French Canadians immigrated to the community to join the workforce at this and many other furniture manufacturers. Heywood-Wakefield stopped making wicker in the 1930s, although the firm produced hardwood furniture into the '50s." About the 6th paragraph down: Hi Lucy :) Another option is connect with our sister site that has furniture experts. Following the death of Cyrus Wakefield 2nd, Charles H. Lang Jr. was elected director and manager of the company, specifically charged with the supervision and direction of the manufacture and sale of merchandise. antique garden. The origins of the Wakefield Rattan Company can be traced to 1836 and the firm of Wakefield and Company, a Boston grocery business formed by the partnership of two young men from Roxbury, New Hampshire, Cyrus Wakefield and his younger brother Enoch. In 1912, Charles Lang was elected president, a post he held until his death in December, 1921 when he was succeeded by Levi Heywood Greenwood. Eventually, Wakefield decided to buy his own ships to handle rattan cargoes. That year a store was opened on Broadway in New York City, soon followed by two wholesale establishments on Pearl and Cliff Streets. has positively impacted OCLCs work to build the WorldCat Entities application and the 150 million Person and Work descriptions Antique Heywood Wakefield Signed Wicker Accent Occasional or Side Chair, Late 19th. 1826 ; Inc. 1897 ; Chicago, IL ; Wakefield, MA ; San Francisco, CA (other locations) Company Name Heywood Bros. and Wakefield Co. Related companies In every reporting year, the Wakefield plant performed well, being profitable even during pre-World War years 1910 to 1917 which were occasions of major strikes and labor unrest. Recently Viewed View More American Home blue print pattern #2010, dry sink, Dorothy Lambert Trumm, American Home Publishing Company, New York, New York Illustrated catalogue and price list of the Shakers' Chairs, manufactured by the Society of Shakers, Emporium Publications, P.O. #1. strollers, strollerettes, sleepers, bassinets and high chairs], Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company makers of cane and wood seat chairs, reed and rattan furniture, Heywood-Wakefield reed and rattan furniture, Cane and wood seat chairs : revised price list, September 1898, Price list of chairs : set up and finished, Folder contains photograph and information sheet related to a wicker child's rocker, ( I have a Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company, Chicago chair. Dovetail Antiques offers top of the line professional antique wicker restoration services. The fur- . Ask an antiques appraiser Ask an Expert General Questions Antiques Appraiser Trying to find info on a Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Verified MARYC466 3,371 Satisfied Customers Expert Chief among these were his brilliant engineers, lead by Mr. Charles W. Trow, the master mechanic, and Mr. William Houston, for 40 years foreman of the Companys mat and carpet department. Of the 80 superb pieces on display, about 90% were made by the Wakefield Rattan Company or the Heywood Brothers Wakefield Company. This decision, combined with the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, resulted in retrenchment and plant consolidation within the Heywood-Wakefield Company. gary brightwell comedian, ati basic concept template leadership,