Then take the skin off it and mash it and feed it to the fish in pieces. I'm happy with one as he is larger overall and is the alpha fish of the school, but the second is only larger in the belly area. If you want the eggs to hatch, which I assume that you do, then you must leave them in to get fertilized. *Twitter: And because White Cloud Mountain Minnows are egg scatterers the eggs are unfertilized at this point. Also I have flakes - can you feed that to the fry? Yes, she looks a tiny bit bloated. Is my white cloud minnow pregnant? General Description Of White Cloud Minnow. They can appear more plump when they become gravid with eggs, but the eggs are usually reabsorbed unless conditions are optimal. I don't really have a suitable breeding tank I can put them in or a tank to move them into later. It gave the species its specific name – albonubes (alba nubes – from Latin is white clouds). I know the other fish will eat the eggs, but is this harmful? White Cloud Mountain Minnows are small, colorful fish, once termed the working man's Neon because they compared to Neon Tetras in color but were not as expensive. yeah may try the pea,she is lively enough swims about no problem just wondered if it was pregnant i have 4 of the white clouds not sure if male or female she just started to bloat about 2 weeks ago infact the other white cloud is getting a bit fat too .ive already got 1 fry dont no wwhat fish it came from but it seems to b doing well not getting very big its about 2 weeks old now White Clouds - used to have breeding information but all I see is a photo of a pair of longfins spawning that looks like it … It is lightly planted, lots of decorations to hide in. ( Sorry but this gets me everytime. hopefully there may be some mini minnow frys soon :P, Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about them on, Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community. For over a half century the White Cloud Mountain Minnow was the only species in the newly defined genus. I can't find a direct answer online, please help as I know if she gives birth and I don't know about it, she could eat the babies. I have 2 other white clouds (yes I know I need more) but they are thin. I have got my first two white cloud minnows two weeks ago and named them Oliver and Olivia (I didn't know if they were boy or girl so I just decided to presume) and over the past two days I have noticed that Olivia has gotten a bit bigger in the stomach compared to Oliver. While most eggs and fry will normally be eaten or picked off by their hungry, uncaring parents, white cloud minnows will ignore the eggs and generally co-exist with the tiniest fry. should i look for a large one that has no belly and is slim??? White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish Facts The White Cloud fish is an extremely nice-looking aquarium fish among the pet fish managers because of its impressive body tinge and hardiness. Honestly, no fish truly get pregnant. After some aquarium maintenance I see some eggs.Be sure to like and subscribe! Unfortunately, the species is extinct in its native habitat. nicely to reproduce the white cloud minnows position both a mature pair or some men and four-6 women people that are youthful jointly in a 5 gallon tank with plants, java … When I asked before I was told that females are bigger, but she is growing more and more. How many white cloud mountain minnow would be suitable in a 25ltr tank plea... White Cloud Mountain Minnows. You can feed the fry crushed flakes once they are big enough, if you want to start a infosuria culture you will need: thank yous both very much for the advice! A white cloud minnow is usually pregnant for around 4 weeks. If I dont want to care for baby fish, what do I do? Minnows and other cyprinids do not give l ive birth, and therefore do not get "pregnant". 5 wcmm in a 5 gallon tank is way overstocked, they should be rehomed to a ten gallon ASAP. The White Cloud Mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) is a hardy species of freshwater fish and coldwater fish often kept in an aquarium.The species is a member of the carp family (family Cyprinidae) of the order Cypriniformes, native to China.The White Cloud Mountain minnow is practically extinct in its native habitat, due to pollution and tourism. I really appreciate it guys! Her eager eating habits may also cause her to look larger than the others. You see, White clouds are egg layers not livebearers so she cannot, by definition, be pregnant. Can you mix White Cloud Mounta... Lonley white cloud mountain minnow. The most recent are the last 5, the ones before that were added about a week ago. By Guest, 6 years ago on General Freshwater Questions My White cloud mountain minnow has looked hugely pregnant for months. are my white cloud mountain minnows fat or pregnant? She's getting bigger on a daily basis and I'm not sure if shes constipated or pregnant? However I noticed that it has an awfully large belly and looks as though it ate a small minnow. What to do? is she pregnant?? Yes, peas may help. White cloud mountain minnow habitat is the Pearl River delta area. I just realized that my White Cloud Mountain Minnow is pregnant!? It is cycled. belly i think its pregnant. Of the two, only Tani… Make sure to make them small. I'm wondering if she is pregnant? Hello! This is an archived version as the original is gone. Here is a video, shes too fast for photos This is my first ever lot of fish - I have grown up with fish my whole life as my parents have had but I never had and this is the first lot of minnows anyone in the family has ever had, I don't have another tank to remove the parents so to save most of the fry would it be okay to get those little cups (don't know the right name for them) that hook onto the side of your tank and it seperates the fry and parents? Okay for starters, without knowing anything other than the type of fish you are talking about, she is, unquestionably NOT pregnant. Her stomach is really swollen and she looks like she will explode. Try fasting her for a day or two. Back to Basics: White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys albonubes), Are my white cloud mountain females minnows full of eggs. While fish like White clouds dont become 'pregnant' the females will become heavy with eggs and appear much fatter than the males, They aren't technically pregnant … White Cloud Mountain minnow stocking for 25 litre tank, White Cloud Mountain Minnow has lots of red dot. So you can’t really describe a female White Cloud as being pregnant. Could somebody please have a look at the pics I have and tell me if she is pregnant and give me any advice if she is. you read and agreed to the. It is cycled. I am confused by your question though. They are fertilized internally and the fish keeps them inside until they hatch. Just on the peas.....if you use a frozen pea, drop it in hot water to thaw it out. This fish (Tanichthys albonubes) was first explained by … I did my best to capture the one im concerned about. Tanichthys albonubes species representatives were first found at White Cloud Mountain (also known as Baiyun Mountain) located several kilometers north of central Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. One of them is definitely pregnant and I think she's about ready to drop her eggs.