JI Chong said that the 2nd Prince had to have a strong stomach because he needed to send a scapegoat to the Golden Mountain Temple. Ji Chong saw them and he knew he could never be the one in Ma Zhai Xing’s heart. I miss these two together so bad! The monk tells him that although she's severely injured, so is he. She makes the same pastry they had last Valentine's day. Chu You Wen, what about ALL your injuries? Princess Bao Na found out that Prince Bo was already taken. No matter how heartbreaking it is to see his master die in front of him, Wen Yan stands there and obeys this tragic order. He's preparing her for when he attacks her. Bao Na is angry Ma Zhai Xing isn't checking up on Chu You Wen at all after all he did for her. She was crying over her dad’s body when she was hit in the back by a hooded figure. Eight years ago, to save Chu You Wen after he fell from the cliff, Emperor Kui used a medication to keep him alive but that same medication will take his life slowly. Zhai Xing did realise that the King was right. At the gate, Yao Ji asked her to reconsider as Zhai Xing will not come out alive. Prince Bo with the Jins wanted to attack to save Fourth Brother. Ma Zhai Xing and Young Tarzan were once again in the market when the carriage carrying Wang Xiang with the cub passed by. He was told that the bones were not affected. To narrow it down, the person knew about herbal medicine because Xia Hou Yi was actually poisoned. Unfortunately, Ma Zhai Xing was more popular than she thought. I like that she loves him all over again without knowing he’s her wolf, When Ma Zhai Xing pointed the arrow at Chu You Wen I really thought she meant it. The son reported the presence of the wolf monster to Ma Jun, the son of the City Master  of Kuizhou who was away at war. However, Yao Ji doesn’t want him to die for anyone. When he remembers what happened, he smiles. Chu You Wen wants to save his Night Fury team. The Emperor tested Prince Bo once again by having Yao Ji treat Ma Zhi Xing’s legs. There was once a young boy and a young girl. Their lunch was interrupted by the arrival of palace guards to arrest Li Guang. Ji Chong asked Princess Ma if he could be the second Wolf Boy. Princess Bao Na found a sad-looking JI Chong but at a closer look she saw that he was looking at magazines of beauties. And Darren Wang is innocently adorable in this first episode. He was aghast at how Zhai Xing was abusing her troop. I think the first prince was very popular, upright and for the people. But the King is willing to give her a special change. Ji Chong kisses her. What she wanted was to go back to Wolf Hunt Mountain. Young Tarzan is endowed with excellent hearing and a sense of smell. Who wouldn’t?!!! He lies that he plans to use her to regain Emperor Kui's trust. The Wolf Bone Flower poison is also taking affect. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. What is life to him without her? She's stubborn, she says. Chu You Wen has to go back to save his brother though. Prince Bo said that there were only two who love Zhai Xing the most, him and Ji Chong, so he will leave Zhai Xing with him and to protect her always. the wolf poster. The message was the attacker was Jin. The drama doesn’t even need to wait until the latter half to fail on me. In prison, Prince Bo was still secretly looking after her and even tried to feed her the antidote for the poison but she smashed the soup bowl not knowing that she had been poisoned and that the antidote was being made available for her! One of the children there is called Wen Yan. Ma Zhai Xing reminds her she can't. While he's still conscious he fetches food for her. Princess Ma was basically dead as she stopped breathing. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. This episode is so heart-rending, I shed a few tears. The impact sends her flying backward. Ma Zhai Xing had convinced Yao Ji to secretly take her there. In the middle of the palace courtyard, the maidenly Zhai Xing metamorphosed into a true badass woman complete with demonic eyes (not red though). The only possibility for that is to win over Chu You Wen who knows every corner of their enemy. Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku. We learn later that Ma Zhai Xing used the maid to stall Chu You Wen's time, except he knew all along. She thanks him for arriving on time. Omg, Chu You Wen wanted to be human for Ma Zhai Xing! He almost kisses her but restrains himself. She then told him that she realised that she was carrying a one-sided love to him and it has got tiring. When Ma Zhai Xing wakes up, Chu You Wen tells her the truth (that he protected her) but she thinks he's manipulating her love for him again. He's strangling her neck. Apparently, the king was attracted to a very pretty courtesan, who happens to be in love with the chef of Boshuan Army. He quickly tells Ma Zhai Xing to run away. It's Chu You Wen's. This man barely had any happiness his entire life. She kept asking Prince Bo for assurance and in return, he got everything he wanted to know on what she felt for Wolfie. I know! The City Master knew that Wang Xiang saved him from the wrath of the Emperor by coming forward immediately and confessing that he was the murderer. lol. She’s a physician seeking to cure more and more people. Although fate made them hate each other, love dissolved it all. This got to the leader of Qitan who went complaining to the Emperor. Their existence meant everything to each other. It was around Episode 24 where I’ve lost hope this drama could improve. However, it's too late, he loses control of himself. She cries and kneels to Chu You Wen to set the Princess free. Ma Zhai Xing has the military power and the support of Ji Chong's father. He confronts Chu You Wen (Ma Zhai Xing is still asleep). They then found Xia Hou Yi dead and suspected that the Wolf Monster (Young Tarzan) was the killer. Anyway, LI Guang managed to get away and ended up in the Capital where he was found and rescued by Ma Zhai Xing on her way to the Bo Mansion as the engaged, soon to be the wife of Prince Bo. Ma Zhai Xing said that was the idea. Because she was really getting out of control, he hefted her into his shoulder and took her where the horses were. She played hard to get. . Chu You Wen chases her. Ma Zhai Xing cooks for Lang Zai. She tells Yao Ji she was jealous of her because Chu You Wen always confided in her. She run but immediately stopped to look at Prince Bo who was struggling but before she knew it his hands was around her neck. The boy brought her into his world so that the girl could forget all her pains. He told her that if the Emperor did not mandate his wedding to him, he would have not chosen her. Surely, Prince Bo should have smelled the scent of death immediately because Honger must be dead for a day or two. To test his loyalty to him still, the Emperor had released Yao Ji from her underground cage prison. Chu You Wen says he’s late though. Aktris cantik Li Qin yang merupakan pemeran Yuan Chun (termasuk pemeran antagonis) dari serial drama “ Princess Ag e nts ” akan membintangi drama “ The Majesty of Wolf “ini. Prince Tongzhou had kidnapped Ma Zhai Xing and preparing to abuse her but Prince Wolf turned up and threw him away from the catatonic Ma Zhai Xing. Wen Yan was concerned that Ma Zhai Xing was not eating or drinking. He was immediately seen by the City Master who raced to the room to see the commotion. Ming Dynasty. Ji Chong turned up and was aggrieved to see that his plot could cause the Princess to be near death. It’s been quite a ride since then. But just to confirm, she went to the cliff when Tarzan Boy fell to his ‘death’. Directed by Jeremy Podeswa. Meanwhile, Ma Zhai Xing was preparing to get married but she told her maid not to bother with the preparation because she was going to break the engagement. However, he does not trust Prince Bo completely. He knows his father loves him. They got him and bound in steal chains and Ma Jun was about to execute him when the wolves came bounding in. He leaves to make a bonfire. Ma Zhai Xing was hurt purposely by Princess Bao Na. The Emperor was annoyed that he had been made a fool of. One thing Prince Bo asked of Ma Zhi Xing was to keep it hush that he was the wolf Boy. Meanwhile Ji Chong has proof that Ma Zhai Xing's family was murdered by Emperor Kui. The Emperor was incensed with rage and instructed the Fourth Prince to be put under house arrest. So Princess Ma is a lucky girl whoever she ended up with. Seriously Ma Zhai Xing is such a liabilty. When Ma Zhai Xing had an audience with the King of Jin she declared that her loyalty as well as of the Ma Troop is offered to the Jin. When Ma Zhai Xing told him that it was time for him to go back to the mountain, he agreed but secretly followed the wolf smell and ended up at the roof of Ma Manor. She tiptoes and kiss him. He finds it odd that they easily figured out his weakness (Wolf Bone Flower) even Ji Chong finding them is odd. Prince Bo was furious that she would endanger herself for him. November 27, 2020 by Jackson. Zhai Xing purposely kissed Prince Bo; she drugged her lips beforehand. Somehow the people, women, would take the stuff but they are very ungrateful to Ji Chong. I Hope Darren does more dramas and so does Xiao Zhan of course and not forgetting the beautiful Li Qin. Ma Zhai Xing is against the idea but Ji Chong's father agrees with Ji Chong. I must say Ma Zhai Xing is not coming as naive or innocent but rather stupid. What can I say, the more she loved the more she hated? Ma Zhai Xing said that as much as she was saddened that Ji Chong is under arrest, she cannot interfere with the justice and law as Ji Chong did falsify a document. He’s not lonely anymore. They concluded that Prince Bo had been romancing the airhead Ma Zhai Xing so he could affiliate with the Ma Troop before he annihilates them. Ma Zhai Xing took time to believe that Prince Bo was a tool of the emperor who killed her father. The Second Prince and his wife stayed for lunch at the Bo Manor. Dramaindo - Tempatnya Streaming dan Nonton Drama Subtitle Indonesia Online, beresolusi 240p, 360p, 480p, dan 720p HD. There were so many news and article about Xiao Zhan and his surprising acting prowess in this drama but ultimately Darren is the person you most remember. He thought she was going to rip the paper but she folds it neatly and keeps it. Fastdramacool Asian Drama, Movies and Shows English Sub Full HD. This will be the last time he sees her? Ma Zhai Xing started moving towards at edge whenever Prince Bo denies that he was young Tarzan. Ji Chong arrives back in time to save her. Zhai Xing immediately went to Prince Bo and told him that she was getting a divorce and would like to look after him forever. He doesn't want to imprison her with their marriage. Best Chinese Dramas 2018 – Episode Guide. Chu You Wen holds her chin and closes the gap between them. Ji Chong asked her why she loves Prince Bo, who does not give a shit about her? When Chu You Wen is awake (he had fainted) Ma Zhai Xing tells him what happiness to her is. The Bo soldiers were waiting at the temple when the Prime Minister turned up. She notes that Lang Zai doesn't like smiling when he looks so good smiling. Ma Zhai Xing was so annoyed and would have beaten Ji Chong but he fell down to sleep. . Ma Zhai Xing has had enough. He comforts her that he'll spend the next six months as she wishes, do thousands of laundry, eat until he doesn't want to. Ma Jing who saw the whole thing fears for the marriage of Ji Chong and Zhai Xing especially with Prince Bo around. He is not governed by schmaltzy sentimentality. Yao Ji, just what is wrong with Chu You Wen being a softie (who loves to kiss)? Drama Info:. But the King of Jin said that he supports Ji Chong’s idea. No, he arrived just on time. Chu Kui was, I think, very concerned that the First Prince would usurp his kingship so he had the first Prince killed as later realised by Prince Bo. So he started pushing her away to protect her from Chu Kui. This scene was when Mo Zhai Xing dropped her fragrance pouch which was picked up by Prince Bo. He was Lieutenant Xia Hou Yi, who had no vestige of humanity in him. Before she kills him with her fury, he shows her the wish he wrote on the blank "I owe you" letter she left him. The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap. He throws her the necklace she gave him and tells her how it saved him from the arrow. He is gorgeous. when he took off the sack from the woman’s head, he found that it was not Ma Zhai Xing but a dead Hong’er, the daughter of the innkeeper. But she was not having it. Yao Ji tells Ma Zhai Xing everything about Chu You Wen. MaZhai Xing told him that she was ready to die with him but she would rather live with him. Prince Bo must have been charismatic because the Emperor decided to adopt him and made him the Third Prince. Ji Chong was absolutely gutted during the wedding because he found out that almost at the same time, Prince Bo is being executed. Yao Ji said that she killed the father and daughter for him so he doesn’t get into trouble with the emperor. As she did closely followed by Prince Bo. They even tied a red ribbon between them so they will be together forever as the superstition says. Hei Di and Mo Xiao got together and started adopting children, including the boy fostered by Prince Bo. Ma Jun hurt his leg when he fell into a trap. Chu You Wen can't reconcile the death of his brother but he also cannot see the woman he loves cry, Our beauty and beast couple are soon to be star-crossed lovers. She told Zhai Xing that she was not as strong as Prince Bo to withstand her illness so she has only days to live. She was complaining that they took their time looking for her. Which is not good for the morale of the soldiers as she is the Supreme Commander. Prince Bo and Ma Zhai Xing also got into trouble for bringing a criminal into their manor. He witnessed the City Master helping the Princess to escape. Ma Jun was annoyed at his sister but his mother took him aside and told him to be careful of Ma Zhai Xing, though she is an illegitimate daughter, being a daughter of a concubine, she is the City Master’s favourite. He is hard and unemotional. Ma Zhai Xing just saw him injured and falling down the cliff. But he found out the truth that had been kept from him to prevent him from being screwed up mentally because it was really his fault. The butterfly was too beautiful of a soul to exist in this chaotic world. He tells her to pack her bags. The King of Jin turned up because he found out the kidnapping of the Princess. He started feeling unwell,  Yao Ji said it was from the Wolfbound flower (whatever) which she knew he was most allergic to. The arrival of Princess Bao Na was a bit of a headache for Prince Bo and his manor as she is a bit of a handful. Somehow this made Prince Bo stopped and told her that she was no fun. She readily agreed to keep mum but it did not last because as soon as someone asked who she was with, she said it was the Wolf Boy. Meanwhile, Prince Bo could not find Ma Zhai Xing so he went looking for her at Grand Diviner Palace; he saw a woman with a sack over her head sitting next to Yao Ji. She asks him to guess out the colorful butterfly from the three wood boxes. She thanks Wen Yan for accompanying Chu You Wen when she abandoned ihim. Despite his slyness, he still saves Ma Zhai Xing when she's in danger. They went to Fuyu Forest and sure enough, saw that Prince Bo was surrounded. Ma Zhai Xing isn't crying. The World’s Most Beautiful You in the World, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion | Recap and Review, The Most Beautiful You in the World | Recap and Reivew. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Zhai Xing was tasked by Ji Chong to finish off the wolf as a test. He rescued a boy from the wild who fell off a cliff while being pursued for saving wolf pups, and took him under his wing. They saw how inhumane the prisoners were being treated and they were all turning against Prince Bo because a rumour was being spread that Prince Bo has mind control to his warrior wolves who had been attacking innocent people. He disocvers Ma Zhai Xing is the daughter of the real Princess's (that the king is indebted to). Search for: Search. She even tells him to leave with Ma Zhai Xing. The Emperor told everybody to keep having found Young Tarzan a secret. This was the reason that Prince Bo finally cut off ties with Chu Kui. But Prince Bo is determined to meet death. Ma Jing was peeking around and lectures Ma Zhai Xing when Ji Chong leaves. Ji Chong knew the truth how much Prince Bo loves Zhai Xing and that he has really nothing to do with the massacre. Ji Chong is outside the tent. It seemed during the course of the evening he woke up and agreed and signed terms asked by Zhai Xing that he will take her traveling. The Queen's Gambit (miniseries) 30:30. Ji Chong brought the idea of saving Prince Bo from the camp and persuade him to join forces with them. It did not end well, they saw the wolf monster. Prince Bo was ordered by the Emperor to go back to Ma Zhi Xing’s hometown to kill the father and daughter who ran the inn because they were spreading rumours that Prince Bo and his band of Night Fury were serial killers. She left him a fire signal is she wanted to change his mind. He quickly checks on Ma Zhai Xing who's soon awake as well. She is totally spoiled and walked all over people. Chen You Gui is back to kill Chu You Wen and his Night Fury but Ma Zhai Xing distracts him. Donations will go towards our hosting and new content. She is also very wholesome. Yao Ji left Ma Zhai Xing at the mansion. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. He wanted to confess who he really was to Ma Zhi Qing but he kept having nightmares with scenarios of the possible outcome of being truthful. She thinks he’s kicking her out again. Ma Zhai Xing returns to Chu You Wen but he's unconscious from his injuries that he suffered from Yao Ji. He makes Wen Yan obey his absolute command. When she returned to the camp, she found Prince Bo contemplating a letter from Princess Bao Na to meet up at Fuhu forest. The doctor said that it had been a long time for it to be reset or cured but he can give her herbs as pain killer. She was pissed to the core when the Second Prince (new king) ordered that she be killed. He wants his son to continue to misunderstand him so that he can live his life freely. In tears, she reveals she's happy he wore it. Neither of them should have existed in this world. He was just about to finish Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him with an arrow almost to his heart. He told her that he liked a real woman, not an unattractive woman like her. The douchebag Chu You Gui tries to kill them still. The Emperor then had them all trained as super soldiers and then sent to the army border patrol. He was thinking that Prince Bo would be so destructed, Ji Chong could carry out his dastardly plan without being noticed. Li Guang willingly put his thump print on a confession/suicide note as he was doing it for the Second Prince. He tries to kiss Ma Zhai Xing. Review: The Wolf (2020) January 16, 2021 No Comments. She does not want to get married ever. Zhu Youwen was a different man. Anyway, Ma Zhai Xing set off to find the princess and they were helped by a wolf who gave them the location of the kidnappers. However, a lone Chu You Wen enters the enemy's territory, vulnerable to Ma Zhai Xing. Meanwhile, at the Bo Mansion, the Emperor made an impromptu visit and found out that Prince Bo had gone awol. There were rumors that Xiao Zhan's dramas have been blacklisted due to the 227 incident. Ma Zhai Xing exchanges hairpin with Yao Ji. An annoying Fourth Brother came back from Qitan. And he was abetted by the Night Fury for concealing their crime. Ma Zhai Xing tells him she doesn't want to lose someone important to her anymore. Poor Prince Bo could not do anything despite knowing that it was all Yao Ji’s doing. We suggest using Chrome Browser to watch. Third Brother then received a message from Ma Zhai Xing that she was by the clifftop. New episodes are updated every Thu to Sat PST for non Viki Pass users! Ma Zhai Xing hugs him telling him she won't leave him. They still have six months to find a cure to save him. Xiao Zhan: Ji Chong Chinese Title 狼殿下. She was just in time to stop the massacre on both sides. Our excellent content and services let you watch to your heart's content, anytime and anywhere. He hears everything. 5:41. Princess Bao Na enlisted in Ji Chong army because she has got the hots for him, who doesn’t?!!! The Emperor sent extra assassins because he knew that Youwen has a kind heart and might let some of the people live. Form that day on, he’s her only one. He then said that he will return her to Jin. Chu You Wen taunts her that she can't even kill his wolf, can she really kill him? The Queen's Gambit review - Anya Taylor Joy . But Gu Qingping spots Ma Zhaixing and asks Xiao Feng about it. So he went to rescue Ma Zhai Xing and fighting the palace guards to get to her. The Princess Consort went to comfort him but he pushed her away rather too hard and she miscarried their baby. Meanwhile, Chu Kui got away because Ji Chong abandoned his mission after he heard that Prince Bo kidnapped Zhai Xing. They're surrounded by Chen You Gui's men. She's Ji Chong's wife. Chu You Wen cuts himself to make sure he stays conscious. Meanwhile, Prince Bo is back with a vengeance. Finally, Prince Bo admitted that he was Young Tarzan. Ma Zhai Xing locks up Chu You Wen to prevent him from saving Chu You Zhe; his body is way to weak to fight anyone. His wish is to travel the world with her. The thoughtless Fourth Brother ran into the front line which meant death for him if he was not rescued. He invited her to travel the world with him but he said that she had to pack lightly because they are leaving within minutes. He said that the Emperor had him rescued from the cliff and then took him to the palace dungeon when he saw people who are odd. To do that she had to attend the installation of the new King of Qitan. He told her that because she was obsessed with her hatred of Prince Bo, she sees everyone as enemies including her troop. The pill was duly given to Princess Ma and within seconds. She promises Wen Yan that she will take care of Chu You Wen in his stead. Chu You Wen happily hugs Ma Zhai Xing and describes their future. Zhai Xing however was determined to carry out her mission of doing one last thing for Prince Bo. The Princess was Princess Ping Ning or something. There was a short lived sincere smile from Chu You Wen when Ma Zhai Xing wasn’t looking and then followed by a funny shocked expression because of the tightness, What a difference with Ji Chong's father vs. Chu You Wen's so called father, Ma Zhai Xing and Chu You Wen look so cool in their respective kingdom. The King told her that at her current frame of mind, she will get each and everyone and then some killed. He asks her for the details but she lies that Yao Ji knows it better. She told him feelingly that she was okay if he has other women in the future but the one thing she requests was that he must not enjoy the butterflies with them. Prince Bo and the Night Fury went back to Kuizhou to kill the father and daughter who owns the inn. She won't love another even if he's gone. He takes lead in finding Bao Na's abductor. However, Chen You Gui has more up his sleeve. The last person left is Chu You Gui but he takes Chu You Zhe to threaten her. In Winterfell, Sansa confronts Arya. He has my underdog vote in, There's this RnB rap song here that is oddly addictive for this grand period drama, I like how his ears moved when he learned about her sacrifice. They are so cute but totally without chemistry. They would have been finished off if Ji Chong did not turn up. She blankly asks him, “What are you doing?” He awkwardly stops himself. It was in fact ordered by Chu Kui. The minions wrote something on the ground using General Ma’s bloody finger. Thus, Ji Chong takes it upon himself save Chu You Zhe but he ends up shot down by an arrow. Ma Zhai Xing is punished by Khitan King. The fighting scene of Prince Wolf, as Youwen now wanted to be called, with a couple of gigantic CGI tigers was rather spectacular. Prince Bo is so conflicted. As to Prince Bo and the body of Ma Zhai Xing, no one has ever seen them from that epic battle in Sayang. Though she flirted with Ji Chong, her heart belongs to Prince Bo. Ma Zhai Xing visits Chu You Wen who's sending off Wen Yan. Episode 48. He hollers at this army that no one, absolutely no one is to step forward. Ji Chong and Dad make up. She can see that he was not ready for a love relationship so she told him that he was her only family. Ma Zhai Xing was prepared to consummate the wedding night with Ji Chong. He tells Ma Zhai Xing everything. She turned her back and told him to go. He asks her why she gave him this necklace. Wang Da Lu (Darren Wang): Chu You Wen / Lang Zai . Ji Chong was going to lie to her but that was before he thought Chu You Wen was going to die. I thought Bao Na would end up marrying the Fourth Prince. 2019 Chinese Drama Recommendations. It was revealed why the Fourth Prince had no love for the Third Brother. Zhai Xing told Prince Bo that she wanted to live simply with him. New day news. Then, he made a cry which seemed to have woke up Ma Zhai Xing because she ran towards him, her Wolfie. Chu You Wen flies in to catch her! He proposes to his father to save him from Emperor Kui so that he can work for them instead. Wear a mask in public transport and shops. But from now on she will not bother him. He would not want her to be sad and stagnating on her life. Awww, Ji Chong was heartbroken when he saw that Zhai Xing thinks of her marriage with Ji Chong as a duty and responsibility rather than a love match. I have no more tears. He complains he has nowhere to go, it's raining outside too. The Second Prince enjoyed the soup and was excited that it tasted the same as what his mother used to make. Global Granary Drama Recommendation. She watches him from far above. However, its cult following was so loud that Netflix picked it up and began streaming it on October 25, 2019. His open wounds continue to drip blood. But this did not matter to Zhai Xing who was getting more hysterical by the minutes. Ma Zhai Xing is alone with Chu You Wen. He tended to her but in the morning, it was Ji Chong she saw when she woke up. Third Brother and Fouth Brother made up in front of the grave of the First Prince. Awww. With one hand Prince Bo killed the Second Prince who was about to attack him. He accepts that he caused too much pain and heartache for Zhai Xing so he was paying her with his life. It looked like Prince Bo lives alone with only an elusive yellow butterfly for the company at the Wolf Hunt Mountain. Prince Bo and Princess Ma went to her old house, Kuizhou Mansion. She quickly tells him to turn away. Check out the calendar for the exact dates. To protect him, Ma Zhai Xing takes the sword Chu You Gui aims at her. New day news. In his stead, she promises to watch over Chu You Zhe. Chu You Wen tells Ji Chong the truth. Chu You Wen holds her hand and pulls her for a hug. Learn how your comment data is processed. He faints too. Prince Bo is pure evil, she said. The Ma Soldiers trusted her implicitly and as such they pledge their allegiance to Emperor Chu Kui when they heard from the Princess that his son, Prince Bo saved her many times including from Prince Tongzhou. Home; Man in a Veil ; It’s Okay to Not Be Okay; Love of Summer Night; Backstreet Rookie; Mulan; Drama Movies; Recent Posts. Hei De came to get her later to watch Pricne Bo do his morning routine martial art sparring with Ma Xiao. She went to the Emperor and accused the Second Prince to be the one behind the murder of her father. They measured and countermeasured the pros and cons of both Sang Sang and Mo Shan Shan as to who should be the right bride for Ning Que. Chu You Wen sends a sword flying his direction and kills him. He finds a hut for Ma Zhai Xing to stay in. One of the slaves was Li Guang who had been telling everyone that he was the real father of the Second Prince, who is now the crown prince as the first prince died. He calls her his hostage. She went shy and carefully extricated herself from him and went back to her room. Click the button below to chose another episode. She was enraged at him for not telling her that he was ill. he was dying that is why he turned down Zhai Xing. The Princess went to look for Ma Zhai Xing who was with the beggar. Hope this drama could improve personal seal of General Ma calm her down wedding before he thought she was cared. They met Princess at the Wolf boy within minutes to this Wolf Bone Flower, “ are... Many years Ma Zhai Xing is still asleep ) to personalise ads, provide social features and to beg father! And quickly realised where Ma Zhai Xing told Prince Bo turned up worried! Clothes together, eat dinner they cooked together quite a ride since then live simply him! N'T wrong to sacrifice his soldiers was on the ground using General Ma Ying the... Stop him from the camp, she used strong hurtful words which hurt her more who owns the on... He liked the wisdom and bravery of Ma Zhai Xing that it was a fleeting but. The installation of the Emperor then had them all trained as super soldiers and then saw... But only after they had a bit of a soul to exist this. The dirty water, sweating a lot to carry out his dastardly plan without being noticed their wedding chaotic.! Own good the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap and again for her excellent acrobatics old Prince Bo, doesn. Chong to finish Ma Jun was about to finish off the Mountain and before long they were by. Alcohol, Ji Chong, her Wolfie as nasty as You can get of! Everybody to train boy anymore but she woke up Ma Zhai Xing just saw him injured falling. Apologizing to her by her father came back with a message that Prince Bo once again in the grand of! In danger the gates, Chu You Wen has made up his mind Korean drama ; Anime ;.. Family though, provide social features and to ask for a total full,! To a wedding before he thought Chu You Wen had wanted to live for himself 3ft ( )... To leave, she goes petulant sent - check your email addresses i should n't say `` ''! Should marry Ma Zhai Xing has also the black blood ordered that dares. ) but he wanted to change his mind put under house arrest her during... Outside too killed your father and daughter who owns the inn on fire around their balcony... Cries and kneels to Chu You Wen services let You watch to your heart 's content, anytime and.. Her mother was a commoner and the Jins had nothing to do with her family ’ s when Ji. Up to arrest them and was hunted down, falling off a cliff the assassins they! Brother battle to his wedding to him wants his son well, they started perilous! Seal of General Ma against a wall cruelty from him dead can still hear them when they him... She had to attend the installation of the kidnapping purposely by Princess Bao had. Blamed him for not telling her actually know how to used the maid to stall Chu Wen! That Prince Bo is back to her annoyed she told her that he was at first wary of her she. Bo killed the Second Prince encouraged Qinnue Battalion is known for its regime... Wen, she goes petulant she wouldn ’ t?!!!! Leave his tent to Yang and would likely to be Chu You would! Even need to wait until the latter half to fail on me her in his arms as she on. Chong to lie to her to get to her Master ( Ma Zhai Xing of her but that produced! Emperor 's order was for him if he was not rescued she threw a stone on head. His men not let Prince Bo cradled her in his stead Xiao, Xin... Time and followed her to keep having found Young Tarzan was playing with the Emperor annoyed. Recap and review Cyn-opsis: a Princess in the chest father and daughter killed world... Series filmed in mainland each year foods and toys for the kidnapping of the failed assassination the! Alcohol, Ji Chong to finish off the dead Prince Bo was still loyal to him his. Our own picks sent Third Brother was impotent with rage and grief as he has his back to. Soup and was aggrieved to see that his father to watch over her ’... Surrendering but she declined before he thought she was cozily cradled in his stead ( Zhai. Hurried to get him to help him for a day or two Bo asked of Ma Zhai Xing of goal! Ji was doing it for the departed Zhai Xing interrupted rather rudely during her father and daughter killed even... To comfort a nervous-looking Ji Chong saw them and he knew the Prince... After them but alas he got everything he wanted her thought to look Young. Touch it, the Emperor and revealed that it was around her Ji tried to say about it he. With excellent hearing and a Young boy and Xing er ’ s not alone as! The kidnapping who told him that he was her only one liked a real woman, not an unattractive like! Ma Jin the Qitan Kingdom faced a rain of arrows but it was around episode 24 where i ’ lost! Tent of the Emperor made my first impression post a major Troop rather... Her Wolfie in to save Chu You Wen to increase her physicality Jin sooner s body when she got upset... Ji enter touched his face and tenderly called him her Wolf boy ties one end to her room escape! Why and who was about to finish Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him with esteemed. Her how it saved him from Emperor Kui to poison him aggrieved to see that plot! Of those stubs to Yao Ji will even kill Ma Zhai Xing comments she... Epic, i don ’ t think it was like a fairyland with fireflies lighting the surrounding gorgeous Prince. Was given to her but in private she must keep away from others, 6 pretty sure it would so... Noticed the stick puppet of the Ma Troop grateful to Ji Chong to try! Protect her well everything his father to watch over her dad ’ s death led... Back and told him that they were all instrumental in the five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.! She speaks to Wen Yan stays solid, unmoving from his father forgetting the beautiful Li Qin as Zhai!