Claro Walnut Coffee Table


Handcrafted Claro Walnut Coffee Table

• Features natural live edge

• Inlaid butterfly joints of African Ebony

• Base made from Eastern Walnut

• Hand-rubbed linseed/varnish finish

• 42″W x 50″L x 18″H

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Handcrafted table in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The table top is figured Claro Walnut that grows in Northern California and Oregon. The top features a natural ‘live edge’ that reveals the true shape of the tree from which it was cut. Claro is noted for its variation in color and figure. Each board is truly unique. The craftsman purchases directly from the mills that harvest, dry and dimension the wood. The inlaid butterflies are African Ebony, an extremely dense hardwood that is also found on the fretboards of high end guitars. The base is Eastern Walnut. The finish is several hand rubbed coats of a traditional linseed oil/varnish blend that is hand mixed in the craftsman’s shop. This table is meant to be used, and not excessively pampered.