With power and privilege comes responsibility. And most of all, I was offended. 1. Privilege, by definition, is "a right, immunity or benefit enjoyed only by one person beyond the advantages of most." It didnt happen all at once. On March 13th, the "Meinprivilege" Facebook[4] group was launched, which cited an incident known as "Elevator Gate", in which feminist blogger Rebecca Watson complained about being asked for coffee by a man in an elevator at an atheist conference, as the inspiration for the creation of the page. My profession puts me in the position of assisting individuals wh… to the disadvantage of others one of the obstacles to social harmony is privilege 3 any of the fundamental rights guaranteed … Amazing, obviously. I was like, that is the most ridiculous claim. lege (prĭv′ə-lĭj, prĭv′lĭj) n. 1. a. I thought "It would be my honor to blah blah blah" or " I would be honored to blah blah blah" would work, but my friend who speaks English as his first language told me they sounded really weird. The hated word we SJW love to throw around to put white people down; or the made up shit we femi-nazi love to wield around to put men down. The New York Times. Suddenly, every food vendor looked enticing, in possession of some secret treasure it would be my privilege to discover. How dare I talk about white privilege or male privilege! Another word for privilege: right, benefit, due, advantage, claim | Collins English Thesaurus I told him that it would be my privilege to make such introductions. When you're privileged, you enjoy some special right or advantage that most people don't have. (Also: "It Was A Privilege") © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. Uh-oh, login failed. A white person can go into a store to buy Band-Aids, beauty … Five stars! The unlockable character from 'Sonic R' became a creepypasta mainstay in the beginning of the 2010s. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Found 3515 sentences matching phrase "it's a privilege (to meet you)".Found in 99 ms. How to use privileged in a sentence. Joe Exotic Ordered A Giant Limo Expecting A Presidential Pardon That ... 20 Of The Best Cozy Bernie Memes For A Much-needed Laugh, 2020 Know Your Meme Interview Series Roundup, 20 History Memes For A Historic Week In America. A Sum Well Beyond The Worth Of His Labor, Remembering "Tails Doll," One Of The Internet's Oldest, Silliest Creepypastas, 'Plague Be Upon Ye' Is A Meme To Send To Your Sworn Enemies Or Best Friends. The Guardian At the Department of Commerce, it has been my privilege to work with extraordinary scientists and engineers--from industry, academia, and government--to help shape federal S&T policy to advance the national interest. The German people have always been a little jealous of the privilege s of the military. Look it up now! Stock Exchange. That insatiable desire to improve links him, along with other traits, to a special breed - and to two particular men it has been my privilege to stalk during my innings at the BBC. Here are several: 1. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. The phrase also suggests that when considering another person’s plight, one must acknowledge one’s own inherent privileges and put them aside in order to gain a better understanding of his or her situation. privilege notwithstanding the fact that they had been prepared by in-house and external counsel. It doesn't mean they haven't suffered hardship or that they don't have a tough life - just that their colour hasn't made it harder. Most Products Are Geared Toward You. privilege meaning: 1. an advantage that only one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or…. Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources. Privilege definition is - a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor : prerogative; especially : such a right or immunity attached specifically to a position or an office. You can use privilege in expressions such as be a privilege or have the privilege when you want to show your appreciation of someone or something or to show your respect. 2. 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Apple’s attitude has always been that you have the privilege of working for Apple, and if you don’t want to do it, there’s someone around the corner who does.